8-port 10G EPON OLT Interface Board H901XEHD Board

H901XEHD is an 8-port 10G EPON OLT Interface Board, which works with the 10G EPON ONU to provide 10G EPON access service on Huawei MA5800


Service inheritance and reuse: Smoothly migrate
from GPON to 10GPON, inheriting all services and reusing the ODN
High bandwidth
8 10G EPON ports, fully meeting the bandwidth
requirements of services
High reliability
Chip-level type B protection switching
Real-time rogue ONU detection and isolation, ensuring stable service running
Triple churning encryption in downstream direction,incresing security for customers
Easy OAM
Variable-length OMCI, improving upgrade efficiency and reducing break off time
A maximum distance difference of 60 km between two ONUs under the same PON port, simplifying network planning

External Interfaces

8 10G EPON ports
Max. split ratio: 1:128



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