How to manage file via Secure Copy

Issue Description

I will make a demo about how this protocol can be configured on S5700 lan switch series using command line interface. Let’s consider a client-server scenario, one switch will be the SSH server and the second one will be the SSH client.


Server configuration:

local-user test password cipher %@%@Bi29HO<d{Bn*kPPc|>yQK<X3Akw3X’v%a6lsdT4r-Y@                       ——test@12345678901234567890
local-user test privilege level 3
local-user test ftp-directory flash:
local-user test service-type ssh

scp server enable
ssh authentication-type default password
ssh user test
ssh user test authentication-type password
ssh user test service-type all
ssh user test sftp-directory flash:
ssh client first-time enable
ssh client assign rsa-key

Client details :
[S57SI_21_40]display dev
S5748TP-SI-AC’s Device status:
Slot Sub  Type                Online    Power      Register     Status   Role
0    –    S5748TP-SI          Present   PowerOn    Registered   Normal   Master
3    FAN                 Present   PowerOn    Registered   Normal   NA
4    POWER               Present   PowerOn    Registered   Normal   NA
[S57SI_21_40]display vers
Huawei Versatile Routing Platform Software
VRP (R) software, Version 5.150 (S5700 V200R005C00SPC300)
Copyright (C) 2000-2014 HUAWEI TECH CO., LTD
Quidway S5748TP-SI-AC Routing Switch uptime is 0 week, 0 day, 1 hour, 24 minutes

CX22EFGEC 0(Master) : uptime is 0 week, 0 day, 1 hour, 23 minutes
256M bytes DDR Memory
32M bytes FLASH
Pcb      Version :  VER.B
Basic  BOOTROM  Version :  241 Compiled at Mar 21 2014, 16:57:13
CPLD   Version : 6
Software Version : VRP (R) Software, Version 5.150 (V200R005C00SPC300)
FANCARD I information
Pcb      Version : FAN VER.B
PWRCARD I information
Pcb      Version : PWR VER.A

How it works?

[S57SI_21_40]scp test@ s63ei.cfg
Trying …
Press CTRL+K to abort
Connected to …
The server is not authenticated. Continue to access it? [Y/N] :y
Save the server’s public key? [Y/N] :y
The server’s public key will be saved with the name Please wait..

Please select public key type for user authentication [R for RSA; D for DSA; Ent
er for Skip publickey authentication; Ctrl_C for Cancel], Please select [R, D, E
nter or Ctrl_C]:
Enter password:

s63ei.cfg                      100%         5783Bytes            6Kb/s

Contact information:

Telephone: 852-30623083


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