MA5800 AR User Guide

MA5800 AR is an AR App of Huawei MA5800 products and solutions. You can
use your smartphone camera or pad camera to identify the image for
accessing AR. Then, you can see the 3D model of the solution and device.
Also, you can obtain the solution application scenario, device highlights, and
introduction through some simple interaction activities.

How to get the AR App

1. Download the MA5800 AR App (for Android).

Open the Tech Support App, choose Query > Store to download the App. Ensure that
camera access and other related functions during installation are allowed.


How to use the AR

1. Obtain a printed tracking target image from the following path:!docview?nid=DOC1000310208&path=PBI1-
2. Launch the MA5800 AR App and trigger the AR experience by scanning the
following target.


3. AR glance
Scenario 1. Scan the image for SingleFAN solution access.
 In the displayed 3D model, click the hovered hotspot, such as FTTB/FTTC, to obtain the
information about the corresponding solution.
 Click the product hotspot, such as MA5800-X17 and MA5800-X2, to enter the 3D
interaction exhibition.
 Click to use this App offline.


Scenario 2. Scan the MA5800 device image. Enter the 3D model exhibition.
 Click to use this App offline.
 Click hotspot icons and you can see the appearance and function of each board.
 Click on the right to view MA5800 highlight videos.



Huawei OLT models:

Huawei MA5680T

Huawei MA5603T

Huawei MA5608T

Huawei MA5683T


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