Huawei S6700 hardware information

Hardware modules of the S6700 refer to the SCU (Switch Control Unit), power supply, and



The SCU is fixed on the Huawei S6700. Each S6700 has one SCU.
The SCU is responsible for packet switching and device management. It integrates multiple functional modules, namely, the main control module, switching module, and interface module.

The main control module implements the following functions:
Processing protocols
Functioning as an agent of the user to manage the system and monitor the system
performance according to instructions of the user, and report the running status of the
device to the user
Monitoring and maintaining the interface module and switching module on the SCU
Switching Module
The switching module, also called the switching fabric, is responsible for packet exchange,
multicast replication, QoS scheduling, and access control on the interface module of the SCU.
The switching module adopts high performance chips to implement line-speed forwarding and fast switching of data with different priorities.
Interface Module
The interface module provides Ethernet interfaces for accessing Ethernet services.

Power Supply

For details about S6700 power supply configuration, see S6700 Hardware Description –
Power Modules.


The S6700 supports service cards. Service cards allow flexible networking and provide cost-effective and customized solutions.







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